At Oxford Preparatory School we have 90 godchildren. The students go up to Junior High School level and some of them- the very bright and needy ones- we still support at Senior High School. That depends on whether the sponsor can increase his/her contribution, or we have enough free sponsors to be given to one student. Many of our godchildren have already gone through Oxford school and are attending Senior High Schools or have even completed them. As we have now our own school we are not taking over new children from Oxford any more.

costs 360 Euros a year. We have many practical teachers, we need materials for practical lessons and regularly cook for them.30 students live with us and get full supply. This amount covers only a part, the rest we finance with free donations. For people with smaller budgets, but who still want to support a child, there is the opportunity to take over half sponsorships (180 euros) or third sponsorships (120 euros).

If you want to take over a sponsorship, please send the completed form to Bettina Brendel (In Ghana to Edith de Vos) and you get a picture with the name and age of your godchild and particulars of the child and the family background.

You can send letters/parcels to your godchild over our post address.
Please don’t put money in the letter they won’t reach.
Name of the child , P.O. AD Box 534, Cape Coast, Ghana. Once a year you will get a letter from your godchild and a description of its progresses.

We work with very needy and not educated children and some drop out again. Then we will give you a new godchild that still needs your support.
The newsletter is published once a month on the net; it is recommendable to give us your e-mail address.

Our sponsorship care is organized by:
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In Ghana by Edith de Vos

Memuna Braima

Memuna was born on a Thursday in July 1994. She is the second born of seven children of a Muslim family.
Her father Ibrahim Muhamad is about 32 and her mother Fatma Yaya is about 28 years old. Until recently the family lived in Dodowe, west of Accra as cattle farmers. Memuna started there at the age of 7 English-Arabic Primary School and learned to write and read English.
She speaks no Fanti, but Adan so she can only communicate with her class mates in English. Recently the family moved to Kissi, where the father could lease some land with a herd of cattle. The herd consists of 60 cattle, kept almost exclusively as slaughter cattle. In the rainy season however the family sometimes has enough milk for sale. In the dry season they just get enough milk for their own needs. Memuna would like to learn sewing and is very happy that she can go back to school.